This is Our First Condo to Own

My wife and I knew that it was time to move when we both got new jobs in a neighboring district. We had only been renting because we knew this was a possibility, so it was exciting to look for the first place that we would own together as husband and wife. Moving to District 18 was such a pleasure, and it is all because of our new Treasure at Tampines condo. We knew that we had a lot of different options because there are developments all over the place. As soon as we looked at Treasure at Tampines though, we knew we did not have to look at any other condo developments.

The main thing is the location. We have just one car which was not a problem before because we worked the same hours within one block of each other. We have different hours now, so having the MRT Station so close makes it very convenient. In fact, we both considered just using that or the buses that are much more frequent here since we would not have to deal with traffic or parking then. There is also ample parking here at the development, which some places don’t have.

The other factors included everything that is located nearby. We are never going to lack for anything to do because there are parks, museums, theaters, and so much more in close proximity. The development offers a lot of features that we will put to good use too. We both enjoy working out, and swimming is a huge passion of ours. There is so much to do, and it was an easy decision to make this our new home. Neither of us really like change, but this is one time that we were actually looking forward to it because it is going to make life so much more convenient and fun!